Great Masterclass Weekend

Post date: Apr 23, 2013 8:2:36 AM

A Big Thank You to Band Supplies

from Conductor, John A Dickson

Many thanks both from St David's Brass and Tysnes Musikklag from Norway for managing to get Michael Dodd from Grimethorpe.

The masterclass he did on Saturday afternoon was superb. He started his session covering all the basics of brass playing, demonstrating points as he went along. Handouts had been prepared as guides to the different aspects of playing, repertoire etc.

As he teaches primary through to secondary children he communicated at the right level for his audience ( over 30 in attendance). During this he played solos to emphasise points he was making and also to just entertain.

After the masterclass he listened to 3 players and gave individual advice on their playing and was more than happy to chat to players and their parents as they sought his advice.

The concert at night was fantastic. He played 5 solos in total and we all had the feeling he would happily have played more. Both the Bands and the audience were in awe of his musicianship. Playing was out of this world.

He could not have been more helpful with choice of solos, providing four sets of band parts and offering to play about another half dozen to give us a wide variety. The rehearsal for the concert was low key but very professional and he could not have been more helpful.

Concert was stunning and the feedback from the audience was fantastic.

Please pass this onto Besson as he is the best clinician I have worked with. Also his talk in the afternoon was pitched at the right level for his audience. He did not talk over their heads.

In fact he is a really nice guy and very approachable to all.

Again, can’t thank you enough.